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Sunday, November 13, 2011

I fell in love with him

On July 6, 2011. A girl was still getting over her ex. That she loved so much, but he didn't feel the same anymore. She tried to forget about him, and so she talked to other guys. Hoping to forget about him. She soon did once, a boy named Austin texted her, and they were getting along so well.

She had a crush on him, but the more they spoke. Her crush grew stronger. A
nd than, they talked about dating. And on July 8, 2011. He asked her out. It only took two days and she loved him, and he loved her to. While dating, she found herself falling in love with him. And on August 6, 2011. She was upset with him for not talking to her all day.

She didn't want to be upset with him, but when he didn't talk to her. She thought he was going to break up with her. So, she tried to prepare herself, but he apologized to her for not speaking to her. He told her he loved her. She was still upset, but she said she loved him to. He was thinking she was starting to like him anymore, but she told him she still did.

She just doesn't want to be hurt again. She can't handle being hurt, and crying. And so he told her this, "Baby I love you with all my heart." At that moment, she knew she was defiantly in love with him. That night she was so happy. He made her happy. On August 9, 2011. She was having a bad day already, and she wanted to tell him. All that happened that day, but she didn't. He said he was getting tired. She didn't want him to sleep.

She wanted to talk to him. She loved him. And than, she got another message from him. That said, "Baby i'm sorry but i don't wanna go out any more i just wanna be friend i cant handle long term relationships:(?" Once, she read that. Her heart stopped, and she came back to reality and cried. She sent him a broken heart. Letting him know, he hurt her. He texted back saying, "I'm sorry sweetheart can we just be friends" She didn't know how to respond. All she said was, "I don't know. Sure.. ♥ Bye." She couldn't handle it.

She laid there. Crying her eyes out until, her head was starting to hurt from crying. She couldn't stop. He told her that around eight o'clock. She didn't stop crying until, midnight. Now, it's August 10, 2011. And she thinks thinking about him. Wondering. If he still has feelings for her? That's my story, and it's true. Because that girl. Is me. ♥

Email: Dalecia Shay Satepauhoodle

p/s : cerita yang aku copy nie wat aku sedih :( ish2....

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